Have a Clear Idea About Email Sending Process

After composing your mail, when you hit a send button then the email will transferred to the email server by using a SMTP protocol. Actually, this email server belongs to the email provider such as Google or Yahoo. The email server also requires delivering the email to a destination server. However, the message transfer between email servers is done by using a SMTP protocol. The destination server holds a recipient mailbox. If you want to know about sending and receiving email, first of all, you should understand the email sending process and then use it properly. There are couple of options that the server can make such as:

  • It can send an email to the intermediate server
  • It can deliver the email directly to the destination server

Direct delivery

If the server utilizes delivery, it requires discovering the email server that is responsible for the recipient mailbox. This is done by using MX records and DNS lookup.

Indirect delivery

If it selects to use an intermediate server called as email forwarder, then the intermediate server should then select either a direct delivery or it can forward to another server.

Define the process of sending an email

Actually, the process of email sending is defined for transferring an email. The email is a message distributed by the electric means from one system user to one or more recipients through a network.

How does it work?

If you are a regular computer user or working in an office, first of all, you should know how to send and receive tons of emails every day. When you click on Send button, it gets to the right place. Basically, email is simply a text message from one user to another user. With the advancement of technology, the email sending process has included the additional features along a way and also definitely like file attachments, images, embedded maps and links.

When you send and receive email, you can simply make use of an email client that enables you to make and communicate with the emails from other system users. Your email client can also be online-based, which means you want to check it via your web browser like Yahoo or Gmail or it can be any app on your system such as Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird. If you need to send a lot of emails at once you have ti use special software called email spammer tools. Below are the steps on how email works:

  • The sender creates a message by using an email client on their system
  • When the user sends a message, the attachments and email text are uploaded to a SMTP server as an outgoing mail
  • All outgoing messages are waiting in an outgoing mail queue while the SMTP server interacts with DNS to identify, where the recipient’s email server is placed
  • Once the SMTP server finds, it will send the attachments and message.
  • After then, the user clicks on ‘Send & Receive’ and their email client will download the entire new messages from their own email server
  • Finally, you have got mail